Polly Hummel, born in 1975 in the GDR, is a photographer and artist. She has lived and worked in Porto, Portugal, for 16 years. In 2020, she graduated from the Instituto de Produção Cultural e Imagem (IPCI) with a Master's degree in Artistic Photography. Since then she has been working on various photographic projects.

Her pictures often tell part of a story, everything is a little eerie, inconsistent, without a sense of place and time. There are staged moments in which she steps out of reality as well as everyday life. Polly prefers the honesty of analogue photographs, in black and white or colour. Themes are interwoven with her biographical background. She shows that all stories carry their own energy and that feelings of loneliness, vulnerability and the search for happiness and identity are experienced every day.

2024        Artist in Residence - Joya:Air, Spain

2019-2020   Master of Arts in Photography
            Tito Mouraz & Antonio Pedrosa, IPCI, Porto

Group shows

2022   „One eye sees, the other feels“ curated by
        Zone Mag, Daste Bergamo, Bergamo, Italy

2021   IPCI Gallery, Lisboa, Küss den Frosch

2020   PB27 Gallery, Porto, Küss den Frosch

Collective Book

2023   „The Big Rot“ second collective Book, Zone Mag


2024   Belfast Photo Festival
       The sun shines for everyone, Highly Commended

2024   Art Photographie Award, Lensculture,
       The sun shines for everyone, Finalist

2021   Novos Talentos Fnac,
       Küss den Frosch, Silver Winner

2021   Budapest International Foto Awards,
       Küss den Frosch, Bronze Winner

2021   IMAGO Lisboa Portfolio Review,
       Küss den Frosch, Short Liste Top 10