polly hummel works and lives in portual

2020 Exhibition küss den frosch, PB27 Gallery, Porto, Portugal (group)
2019 - 2020 Masters, Artistic Photography, Instituto de Produção Cultural e Imagem (IPCI,) Porto, Portugal



I take pictures because I don't want something to get lost.

My pictures tell a part of a story, a detail with little light, felt it is dark. The visual language is poetic. I like it when it remains unrhymed, a little eerie, without place and time. There are both staged moments in which I can step out of reality, and everyday life, with preference honestly analog in black and white or color. Thereby, themes interweave with my biographical background. I show that all stories carry their own energy and that feelings of loneliness, vulnerability and the search for happiness and identity are experienced every day.